Volunteer & Foster

Since we do not operate a central shelter, we can only take in as many dogs as we can place in foster homes. That is why our greatest need is qualified foster homes. In particular, we need foster homes that can work with shy dogs, as many of the dogs in our program have had tough life experiences that have caused them to be very shy. We do need other volunteers periodically throughout the year to assist with events, transports and other tasks on an as-needed basis.

We have several teams at MN Sheltie Rescue:
FOSTER: Our Foster Team mentors new foster homes, coordinates foster supplies and vet appointments, and works with our Intake Team and Adoption Team with Sheltie placements.


Foster Homes: We are always in need of additional foster homes. The more homes we have available, the more Shelties we can help. MNSR covers the cost of veterinary bills, medicine, and food. The foster home provides the love and support that the Sheltie needs to help prepare them for their forever home. We are especially in need of foster homes that are comfortable working with very shy dogs that have little or no socialization when they first come into rescue. Due to the high flight risk associated with the breed, which is heightened when a dog is in a new environment, we require our foster homes to have a securely fenced yard. To find out more information about fostering, please email us at foster@mnsheltierescue.org.

Becoming a foster home with MNSR is very similar to our adoption process. First, an application is completed (CLICK HERE to complete our online application (it is the same application for adopting a dog, but you are able to select "foster" when completing the application). The process to become an approved foster home is similar to adopting a dog. Once the application is submitted reference checks are completed, and a home visit is conducted prior to a dog being placed in your home.

ADOPTION: Our Adoption Team checks applicant references, conducts home visits, works with the Foster Team to match Shelties in the program with approved applicants, and checks in on adopted MNSR Shelties. COMMUNICATION: Our Communication Team coordinates the website, writes website bios and success stories, creates flyers and other printed materials, and handles phone inquiries and thank you notes.
DEVELOPMENT: Our Development Team plans and coordinates events and classes, plans fundraising opportunities, coordinates lost Sheltie efforts, coordinates community outreach, and trains new volunteers

Please contact us at volunteer@mnsheltierescue.org for more information.