Success Stories

These lucky dogs have found their forever families.

Sadi waited patiently for the right home. When her new dad walked into the foster home to meet her she walked right up to him without any hesitation - Sadi knows a good person when she meets him! Now she lives in a home on a lake and gets three long walks a day. She's a little overweight and looking forward to a new healthy lifestyle with help from her people. She sits at her new mom's feet to get the attention she so deserves. Sadi and her retired mom and dad are happily settling in. Adopted 6/8/15.  See more cute pix of Sadi at:


Cute Sadie is happy to join a forever family who has lots of time to spend playing and snuggling with her! Sadie's new family has lots of Sheltie experience, and previously gave a loving forever home to another Sheltie in need. Adopted 6/1/15.  Aee more of Sadie's (formerly Foxy) photos at:

Bailey's favorite thing to do is play ball, and she was chasing the ball within minutes of arriving at her new home! That was just indoor practice before going out to explore and chase the ball in her huge fenced backyard. Bailey's new mom loves to go on walks with other neighbors and their dogs too, and there will be no end to the fun and exercise. This couple waited a long time for Bailey and are thrilled to give her a home where she will get lots of attention, exercise and love. Adopted 4/29/15.

Katie (was Heidi) has had quite a journey since coming to MNSR on one of the coldest days of 2015. Despite having puppies 12 days after her arrival and making numerous trips to the vet, this Sheltie - who is a pup herself - was always happy and never stopped wagging her tail in her foster home. Now Katie gets to welcome Spring with her adoptive Mom and Dad and Sheltie brother, Mac. They have all been waiting several weeks for Katie to finally come home to them. Katie now has a forever family of her own where we are sure that her little tail will continue to wag. Adopted 3/20/15.