Meet Lassie!

At 11 years of age, I suddenly found myself in need of a new home. This can be frightening for sensitive senior Shelties who don't understand why they are no longer wanted. I wasn't feeling well either. The nice people at MNSR did a full senior veterinary work-up on me and fortunately I'm healthy but I did have yucky teeth and diseased gum tissue. After my dental, I was much happier and ready to meet the nice lady who now is my forever mom! She takes excellent care of me and I love her so much &128150; Tomorrow (11/12/15), every donation to Minnesota Sheltie Rescue will be DOUBLED! - you can donate on Thursday 11/12, or schedule your donation now and it will be transacted tomorrow. Thank you for helping us to help Shelties like Lassie &128150;

Meet Lassie