Ian is very shy with people because he was not socialized prior to coming into rescue. He is not used to being petted, and does not feel comfortable approaching people yet. His foster family has been working with him with treats, and he will now take a treat from them and allow them to touch him, and he likes to follow them around the house. Ian's been very excited to learn about toys and is very playful with them on his own, and he is curious about everything. Ian is very skittish when visitors are at his foster home and he prefers to stay out of the room altogether.

Ian’s forever home must have a secure fenced yard (wood, vinyl or chain link) with direct access into the house. He would like another dog to play with. Ian’s adopter will need to be patient as he will need a lot of time to bond with his new family.

Ian is about 8 years old, 14 inches tall and weighs 15 pounds.