Rusty is a very easy going and good natured dog. He will be twelve years old in January. Rusty currently weighs about 25 pounds but he is very overweight. When he came into MNSR he weighed over thirty pounds. Rusty has a small build and should weigh about 15 pounds.

Rusty is nearly blind but he does appear able to distinguish light and dark. His vision is currently being assessed and MNSR is hoping there may be options to improve his vision.

As a result of Rusty’s lack of vision, age and extreme obesity he is a very inactive dog. His favorite place to lay is the kitchen and once he is familiar with his surroundings he will choose to make his way back to the kitchen. Rusty knows his name and a few basic commands but often will not come when called in the house. As a result, Rusty needs to be carried outside or to a different room. Rusty is reluctant to do stairs so will need to be carried. He is very reliably house trained and hasn’t had an accident in either of his two foster homes.

Rusty is a very sweet dog. He loves to have someone sit with him and rub his tummy. He doesn’t like being picked up or held but tolerates both well. He’s fine with other dogs and appears good with kids, at least older ones. Rusty adores being outside and will amble happily on his own for long periods of time. He almost always comes when called in the yard.

Rusty doesn’t like being kenneled or walking on a leash but he will tolerate both.

Rusty is fairly quiet for a sheltie. He’ll bark if he wants food, water or to go outside. He also tends to cry or whine a bit at times so it can be difficult to figure out what he wants. Rusty started out his time in MNSR having pretty extensive surgery. His canines had never descended and had fused with the bone in his jaw and become infected. This was surgically repaired on three of his canines but he still needs surgery on the fourth.

We are starting to see a more playful side of Rusty now that he’s getting comfortable with his foster situation. He likes toys and will play a bit and do play bows. He seems to like the other dogs in the home and will follow them around but he has not played with them.

Age:  Rusty will be twelve in January.

Size:  Rusty weighs 25 pounds and needs to lose at least ten more pounds to be at a healthy weight for his body build.

Temperament:  Rusty is a quiet, easy going, very sweet natured dog. He is fairly inactive and doesn’t show a lot of initiative. His favorite thing is to have someone sit on the floor with him and rub his tummy. He is very easy to care for but you must be prepared to carry him quite a bit. Rusty is not a shy or reactive dog.

Fence:  Rusty loves it outside and will amble around the entire yard so there must be a secure fence. He can move pretty fast when he knows where he’s going. Rusty is not an escape artist nor does he appear interested in getting out of the fenced area.

Dogs:  Rusty is fine with other dogs.

Cats:  Rusty has not been exposed to cats since coming into MNSR.

Kids:  Since coming into MNSR Rusty has not been exposed to many children. He was around one older child who is experienced with dogs and he did great.

Crate trained: Rusty does not like crates and will not choose to go in one. If put in a crate Rusty bangs around to show he would like to be out. Rusty will ride quietly in a crate in a car.

House trained:  Rusty is extremely well housebroken. If he wants to go out he will bark. He does not go to the door to be let outside.

Obedience training:  When Rusty was turned in to MNSR it was noted that he had had basic obedience training. Due to his temperament and extreme inactivity, it’s hard to tell what he may know. He definitely knows his name and come. He’s so naturally well behaved that bad behaviors haven’t been an issue.

Leash manners:  Rusty can walk on a leash but if he doesn’t want to he will lay down and refuse to move.

Activity level:  Rusty is very low energy. He doesn’t move around the house much but he will walk around the yard on his own. His favorite activity is to lay on the floor and have his tummy rubbed.

Barking:  Rusty is starting to bark more. He may bark if the other dogs are barking but generally he barks only when he wants something.

It’s recommended that Rusty be placed in a one level home. He also needs to be placed with people who are prepared and able to carry him around.