Give to the Max Day is Coming Up...Mark Your Calendars for Thursday, November 14th!

Maximize your donation to MN Sheltie Rescue on Give to the Max Day - Thursday, November 14th at!

Thank you so much to all those that contributed to MN Sheltie Rescue last year on Give to the Max Day. It was a huge success for us. Last year we raised $25,222 in donations from 211 different people. We won $5,000 in prize money last year and were 2nd in our size category, raising our total for Give to the Max Day at $30,222. That was a tremendous boost to MN Sheltie Rescue and allowed us to provide vet care to many dogs in need.

This has been another busy year and just this fall we have taken in 20 dogs, all in need of vet care. Again, we are asking for your support so we can continue to care for Shelties in need. Please be generous on Give to the Max day.

This year they have changed the prize structure so there are more prizes and they are more evenly distributed among the winners. We should be able to get at least some prize money again this year.

Prize Money is :
First Place: $10,000
Second Place: $7,500
Third Place: $5,000
Fourth Place: $2,500
Fifth Place: $1,000
6th place through 10th place - $500 each

This year if we get 2nd place like we did last year we could get $7,500 in prize money. Of course if we get 1st place which is our goal, we would get $10,000 in prize money.

There is also a new way to get prize money this year which is the new POWER HOURS! During 5 designated hours, the top donor in each of the leaderboard categories will win an additional $1,000. If by chance, we were able to win all 5 power hours for the small nonprofit category, we would get an additional $5,000 in prize money. Therefore, we will be changing how we use the matching funds this year. The matching funds will be made available during the power hours only. The matching funds are donations made by key MNSR supporters and MNSR board members. This year so far we have raised almost $8,000 that will be available for the matching fund dollars throughout the day. We will be splitting that money up among the various power hour time slots. That would mean that at the beginning of a power hour we would have a matching grant start and right before the end of the power hour, the matching funds would be submitted. That would give us a boost for that hour and hopefully make us the $1,000 winner for that hour.

The 5 power hours are:
2:00-2:59 am
5:00-5:59 am
5:00-5:59 pm
6:00-6:59 pm
11:00-11:59 pm

We will have matching funds available during all of these power hour time slots. Try to target your contributions during these hours if possible.

We will need donations at other times also in order to have chances at the golden tickets. Every hour one donation is selected at random to receive a golden ticket. The place that the selected donation was designated to go receives an additional $1,000 in prize money. This means volume of donations really matters, everyone has a fair shot at the golden tickets, regardless of the size of the donation. There is also one golden ticket at the end of the event that will be randomly selected to receive an additional $10,000 to the donor’s charity. We hope this is our year to win a golden ticket since we haven’t won one yet.

Your donations fund the care and veterinary needs of the dogs in our program. Thanks to your generous support, we're able to provide our dogs with the care that they need to be healthy and begin a new life. Maximize your donation by donating through on Thursday, November 14th! Thank you in advance for your support - and the Shelties bark their thanks as well!

Here is the link:

Don’t donate in advance of November 14th or it doesn’t count toward the prizes. Thanks in advance for your donation on November 14th!

Judy Bell
Development Director
MN Sheltie Rescue