12 Year Old Sky's Give to the Max Story

What a dear boy! Sky came to us when his dad moved to a nursing home. Sky's vet costs to date: $1000+ for gingivectomy, 14 dental extractions, treatment for hypothyroidism, respiratory infection, ear infection, pressure sores from lying on hard surface, biopsy, and X-rays and meds for musculoskeletal issues. Sky is deaf and is learning sign language - so smart! Please help us to help more Shelties with special needs - your donation today is matched by key sponsors! 

11 Year Old Rusty's Give to the Max Story

I was worried when my family could no longer take care of me. What happens to a senior Sheltie who can't see or hear and needs help moving around? Fortunately my mom knew to contact MNSR for help and I'm in great hands with them! My vet costs to date: $1014.71 for periodontal disease and 4 dental extractions and diagnostics for other possible health issues. I will go to a canine opthalmologist soon and will need another dental.

Tyler's Give to the Max Story

Tyler was one of 23 dogs seized in a hoarding case. This very SWEET and GENTLE guy is learning skills in his foster home after the neglect he experienced. We are enjoying seeing the wonderful boy emerge from his scared shell. Tyler had extensive veterinary needs to get healthy but he feels great today!

9 Year Old Bodie's Give to the Max Story

The nice folks at Northwoods Humane Society transferred me to Minnesota Sheltie Rescue after my family couldn't be found. Because MNSR provides thorough veterinary care for the foster dogs in the program, I was diagnosed with kidney disease and I had teeth pulled during my dental. Fortunately I'm responding to medication quite well! Woohoo! My vet costs to date: $1145.13.