Shadow came to me on May 15, 2011 almost 10 pounds overweight.  Every day Shadow and I would go for walks at least 3 times a day, sometimes more.  Whenever I grabbed his leash he would jump and jump and jump with excitement!  On every walk he absolutely had to take a ball or a toy with him.  At some point during the walk, he would get tired of holding it in his mouth and drop it on the ground and then dad would carry it the rest of the way.  After he got down to his ideal weight, I thought we could tone down the number of walks but Shadow insisted on them!  He was the most loyal, loving com


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Maggie's Give to the Max Story

I was seized with 133 dogs from a breeder in Pine River. Dogs that come from a place where the care is so substandard they have a long road physically and emotionally and may be in rescue for months or even years while we learn skills to live with people. Learned helplessness or high level of fear makes it difficult for us to learn to trust and accept love, but you have seen my amazing progress!

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