13 Year Old Sophie's Story

Sweet Sophie recently came back to MNSR when her adoptive family could no longer care for her. Senior Shelties may have underlying health issues so we do a thorough evaluation to make sure we address health issues so our foster dogs are comfortable. Diagnostics show Sophie has kidney disease with protein-losing nephropathy and she had a dental with 5 extractions. Her vet costs to date: $986.92. Sophie is such a good girl and what a LOVE! ️Please help us to help more senior Shelties like Sophie - your donation today through November 16th is doubled!

Bodie (not yet available for adoption)

Bodie was in rough shape when he came to MNSR. He may have been a stray for some time before he was taken to a shelter as he was very underweight and scruffy looking. It's possible he was mistreated as he doesn't seem to like men - he's a little guy who is generally friendly, but can be selective in who he likes and doesn't like. 
Bodie's age is estimated to be between 8 - 10 years old.
Bodie is undergoing medical treatment and is not ready for adoption at this time.


Rusty is a very easy going and good natured dog. He will be twelve years old in January. Rusty is nearly blind but he does appear able to distinguish light and dark. Rusty currently weighs about 25 pounds but he is very overweight. When he came into MNSR he weighed over thirty pounds. Rusty has a small build and should weigh about 15 pounds.

Rusty is nearly blind but he does appear able to distinguish light and dark. His vision is currently being assessed and MNSR is hoping there may be options to improve his vision. Click on Rusty's photo to learn more about him.