Delightful Sadie is happy to announce that she has found her forever family! Sadie joins canine sister Peanut and a loving couple who can spend lots of time adoring Sadie! She has a lovely fenced yard, and mom has started a walking program with Sadie so she can be as healthy as possible! Adopted 7/18/16.


Conway was a hit with his new family the moment they met him. His new family of five - Mom, Dad and three wonderful children welcomed him with open arms. He has a fenced yard to run and play with the children. His warm social personality guaranteed him a great life with this happy loving family. Adopted 6/27/16.


Lucky Caleb had a potential home waiting with an MNSR adopter when he came into rescue. This sweet smart boy quickly won the hearts of the whole family, including MSNR alum Penina! She has become his biggest fan and even lets him have a turn to get some Greek yogurt- one of her favorite treats. At first Caleb followed Nina around but now they take turns playing the game. The family is moving to a home with a fenced yard so the dogs will have a safe place to run and play. Caleb is truly a very loved member of the family! Adopted 6/24/16.


Jaelyn has a new mom who knows just how to treat a special little Sheltie. This scared, shut down dog has turned into a little girl with a big personality. Jaelyn will get lots of cuddle time on the sofa and will get to sleep in her new mom's bed. Soon, she will be going on walks to show off her new-found confidence. Jaelyn will get the attention she deserves from a mom that has lots of experience with Shelties. Welcom home, Jaelyn! Adopted 6/23/16.