Playful Shelties

Keeping Your Sheltie Safe on Halloween

Halloween is a fun event for kids, but generally not for Shelties. Shelties
are a breed with a high flight risk and frequent opening of doors increases the
chances for an accidental escape. Even the more social Shelties may react out
of the norm at the appearance of people in costumes. The best thing for your
Sheltie is to keep him or her in another room with the door closed and a yummy
Kong until the trick or treating is done.

Shop to Help Shelties in Need

Minnesota Sheltie Rescue is participating in a new online fundraiser with Current Fundraiser to raise money for the veterinary care of Shelties in need. Choose from lots of fun and practical products, and 50% of your total purchase goes directly to Minnesota Sheltie Rescue!

Just follow these easy steps:

- Visit

MNSR at the U of M Vet Med Open House

Minnesota Sheltie Rescue had a booth at the U of M College of Veterinary Medicine Open House for the first time this year. The event was well attended and our booth was located next to our friends from Collie Rescue. The connection with the veterinary community was wonderful, and we enjoyed talking with vet students interested in volunteer opportunities with MNSR, as well as potential adopters and foster families.

Last Call for Calendar Photo Submissions!

This is the last call for submission of your adorable Sheltie photos to be considered for the 2010 calendar. Please submit photos on or before end of day, Saturday, October 3rd.

Photos can be emailed to: blueflowerpup AT gmail DOT com (replace the "AT" with @ and "DOT" with .)

Remember: please send the largest unedited, uncropped photo file you have available to ensure print quality. If you have questions about how to send a large file, or what type of file to send, email me at the address above. I'm happy to talk you through the technology as best I can.


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