Cupcake was a very special girl who chose her forever home in an unconventional way! We all discovered what an amazing bond she and her mom had. Cupcake is dearly missed by her mom and her canine siblings Daisy & Jasper and foster sister Maggie. "My sweet Cupcake has moved on to a better place. One where she could run, chase, bark and play. I will miss her silliness and enthusiasm and master food-stealing skills. I will miss HER." May 26, 2017


Teddy joined a family that has lots of Sheltie experience. His 17 month old Sheltie brother was just waiting for a buddy to run and play in the big fenced back yard. When Teddy is comfortable, he'll get to go for a walk every morning with his dad, and will have evening playtime with his mom as well as a Collie neighbor. Human brother Chris will also keep him busy playing in the yard. Teddy has found a home where he will get all the love and attention he deserves. Welcome home, Teddy! Adopted 5/8/17.


Peter was so fortunate to find a loving forever home with people who understood his social and medical needs. They were able to manage his epilepsy for many years. And they helped Peter to feel comfortable without pushing him to be affectionate when he wasn't ready for it, which, in time, he sought out more and more. "He was such a wonderful pup. Watching his journey from troubled rescue to being the seasoned old guy in the house was wonderful. We miss his watchful eye (especially watchful of the cat) and constant Sheltie smile." April 30, 2017


Rescued from a hoarding case, Winston now has a wonderful life as part of the canine management team at Gator's Grilled Cheese Emporium in Ely, with MNSR alum Copper & Dachshund Violet. He proudly follows in the pawsteps of MNSR alum Gator, for whom the restaurant was named and who oversees from the Rainbow Bridge with MNSR alum Ferguson. Winston is thrilled to be so loved and to live in a cheese-loving home. Adopted 4/22/17.