Donate to Help Mary Margaret & Jagger


To help Margaret Mary and Jagger, Minnesota Sheltie Rescue has a goal of raising $3,000 through our Jazz and McKenna Fund. This fund is set up for special veterinary expenses for Shelties in our care. Any funds raised in excess of Mary Margaret's and Jagger’s veterinary expenses will be used to help other foster Shelties with special health needs. Thank you for your tax-deductible donation. 

Please donate to help Mary Margaret and Jagger:


Sweet Mary Margaret needs our help to get back on her feet. She was in very poor shape when she came to Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, but with extensive veterinary care and a loving foster home, she is making wonderful progress. However, she needs “denervation” surgery as her hips have degenerated greatly and she is in pain. The surgery will cost between $1,700-$2,200. This is on top of her other veterinary care, which has totaled $1,280.00 so far. See more photos of Mary Margaret on her YouTube video:


Jagger is a friendly, happy Sheltie in our care who needs surgery on his hip. He will have a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) at Advanced Veterinary in Blaine. Once he recovers, he can be the active little guy he is meant to be. The surgery estimate for Jagger is $1,965.00, and his other veterinary expenses have already topped $1,200 so far. 


Your donation directly helps Jagger and Mary Margaret return to an active and pain-free life. Woofs & tail wags and many thanks from Mary Margaret and Jagger.