Sky is a people-friendly, kid (gentle kids) -friendly and dog-friendly sheltie boy.  Sky is approximately 12 ½ years old. Currently, Sky is staying with Tessa, a MNSR alum, and her family. Although Sky is very hard of hearing, he gets his cues from his foster-sister, Tessa and the humans in his foster home. Sky is learning some dog sign language to help him communicate with his people (sit, come, quiet, yes, down). Sky will follow his foster humans around like a puppy and loves to be anywhere his people and Tessa are sitting, sleeping and playing. Sky has a never-ending ‘smile’ on his handsome face.
Sky would enjoy another older, respectful dog in his new home or an owner who is home more often than not. He does not like to be left alone in the home when Tessa goes for a walk with the family. Sky cannot walk long distances due to hip/leg weakness. Because Sky likes to follow everyone from moment to moment, a home with few steps is best for him. Sky loves to play-bow and chase a bit with Tessa but because of a stiff rear leg & arthritis in his hind quarters, his play time is limited.  Sky is on thyroid medication and some pain relief meds and has really increased his activity level since beginning those medications. He is much more alert and is a very happy boy.
Sky is a smart boy who learns fast and can figure out how to open certain types of sliding doors in his foster home. Sky will bark when he is hungry, when he is happy to see his people(he settles down quickly), when he has to go potty and when he sees foster sister Tessa barking.
Sky is a larger Sheltie and weighs around 40 pounds. He is reliably house trained and walks nicely on leash however he cannot walk long distances.

Sky has discovered that Kong toys stuffed with peanut butter are the best thing since sliced bread.  
1. Sky’s new home should have few steps as he has hip and hind leg weaknesses that limit his mobility.  
2. Sky will flourish best in a home where owners are not overly active as he cannot walk long distances.  Sky does like to play with his knot-ball if it is rolled on the floor for short distances; he likes to take leisurely strolls through the pet store but nothing too strenuous.
3. Sky cannot get a lot of calorie burning exercise.It is extremely important that he does not get too many calories from treats or extra food—keeping a healthy weight means he will be more comfortable dealing with his arthritis.
4. Sky seems comfortable around women and men. He is comfortable around children who are not overly active.  He is definitely a herding dog and will try to herd children at play.  That is not the best activity for him and his arthritic legs.
5. Sky had a visit with the dentist when he arrived at MNSR.  He had several teeth extracted so chewing on hard toys or rawhide is out of the picture.  We brush his teeth nightly.  
Temperament:  Sky is so happy and just wants to please his family. He is an easy going guy. Sky will lay quietly for grooming and nail trims as well as nightly leg massages (optional)
Fence:  Sky is not a speed demon but a fenced yard means he can wander and explore at his leisure for short amounts of time.  He cannot be off leash as he tends to wander---quickly.
Dogs:  Sky gets along well with other dogs. Puppies can get on his nerves but he doesn’t mind them being curious.  Sky seems like the kind of dog that would do best with another, older or calm dog in the home.  He really seems to appreciate his foster sister.  If people aren’t around he’s okay with that as long as he has his pal.
Cats:  Sky has only been around cats that are indifferent to him. He seems to just ignore them too.
Kids:  There are no kids in his current foster home but he was more than happy to accept lots of pets and a few treats from children who met him at the pet supply store.
Crate-trained:  He rides extremely quietly in his crate in the car. We hesitate to keep him in the crate at home for any length of time as he seems to be very uncomfortable and stiff/sore when he exits the crate. 
House –trained:   Yes.  Sky will bark when he has to go outside.  He cannot hear, you have to get his attention and motion “come” when you want him to come inside.
Obedience training:  Nothing formal that we know of. Currently we are teaching him sign language for ‘sit’ ‘down’ ‘come’ and ‘quiet’.
Leash Manners:  Sky’s leash manners are impeccable but due to his arthritis he only goes on very short walks of about a quarter of a block at a time.
Car rides:  He rides in a crate quietly. 
Activity Level:  Not athletically active.  He does follow us everywhere around the house but his back end tires quickly and he lays down. He will not be a running partner. He will do best in a home that provides him with time outside to explore at his own pace but no daily walks. 
Barking:   We’ve only seen him bark when we come home from work (happy attention bark) when he needs to potty and when he is hungry.  He watches our neighbors come and go without a peep.  He will bark for a very short period of time when his foster sister leaves him to go on a walk.
Health Issues:  Sky is currently on thyroid medication and pain medication for his arthritis.  Future x-rays will be done to look at his hips and rear legs.
Experienced Home:  We were not hesitant at all to have a senior, deaf dog in the house.  Sky uses his big, brown, beautiful eyes to watch every move we make and he takes many cues from his foster sister to learn proper doggy etiquette.