Emily, Her First Year


Emily is one of our available dogs who spent her first 7 years producing litter after litter in a large-scale breeding facility. Her real life began one year ago when she came to MNSR to live with a wonderful foster family who have lovingly guided her and introduced her to what the life of a dog should really be. This is her story so far...

Brad and I were talking about how far Emily has come in the past year and we thought it would be fun to write it all down.
Feel free to do with it what you like - not sure if it is too long for Facebook stuff or not. Brad took some great shots of Em on Sunday so I will send one to you if you'd like a photo. Hard to believe it's been a year. Emily is a completely different dog from the one who came to stay with us a year ago. :)

December 18 marks one year since Emily came to live with us while she waits for her forever home.

We thought it would be nice to honor Emily by noting how far she has come in one year:

Then: When Emily first came to our house she wouldn't leave her crate. At all. We had to take the top off of her crate each time we needed to take her outside.
Now: Emily wants to be wherever we are and wherever the action is. She prefers to nap within eyesight of us, and if one of our other dogs is nearby, even better! We still keep her crate open and available just in case she needs a safe place to go, but she hardly ever chooses to go in there.

Then: Once Emily decided to leave her crate, she stayed only in the living room. And in her world the kitchen was The Place That Shall Not Be Named.
Now: Emily cruises all over the place, naps anywhere and everywhere - even in the kitchen!

Then: One of our friends gave Emily a little bag of treats for Christmas last year and I remember saying, "Oh, this is so sweet of you, but it's all we can do to get Emily to eat her food - it's hard to get her to eat treats." That plus the fact that we had to toss treats in her general direction with the hope that she would eventually approach us for a treat.
Now: Ha! Emily loves to try new food these days. The same friend who gave Emily her first Christmas present also showed Emily that it was ok to lick her empty yogurt container (with permission). Now every time I open a yogurt Emily trots up to me and waits patiently for me to finish in hopes that she can lick the empty cup!

Then: Emily wouldn't have eye contact with us, wouldn't approach us or anyone else who came to the house.
Now: Emily barks when she hears us pull into the driveway, wags her tail when she sees us, runs up to us for treats. And she does this to any visitors we have! Everyone who visits wants to meet Emily and give her treats. Emily often sits by the friends who come by to visit and will fall asleep by their feet. Emily loves to sit on laps or on the bed for snuggle time.

Then: She tolerated grooming, bathing, and nail trims, and was pretty chubby.
Now: She still tolerates baths, and sits patiently in our laps while we brush her healthy coat. Her nails are nice and strong now, and she is still super patient whenever we need to groom her. She's at a healthy weight!

Then: She chose a lot of distance from our other dogs, but always watched what they were up to.
Now: She is always up for playing! Mostly outside, but every once and awhile she will play indoors with our puppy. And the best part - she loves meeting other dogs when they come to visit, and she practically crawls out of her skin to get the new dogs to play! More recently I have caught her snuggling with our Dachshund. Haven't been able to capture it with my camera yet, but I promise it happens......

Congratulations to our little foster sprite Emily. We keep telling her that someone out there has her glass slipper, and we can't wait for that person to fall in love with Emily as we have, and continue to support her as she continues to grow.

Thank you to MNSR and all of Emily's Facebook pals for cheering her on!

-Sarah & Brad
Ruhtie, Neff, and Gary