In Memory Of

Our volunteers and supporters are the heart of our organization. Without them, MNSR simply wouldn't exist. It is through the generosity and dedication of our volunteers and supporters that we are able to provide a better life for the Shelties that come through our program. It is with gratitude and honor that we remember our friends that have given so much to help those who cannot help themselves.

Jan Thiel
Jan Thiel was a long-time volunteer for Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, assisting with many administrative tasks, including beautifully handwritten thank you notes to our donors. She was a key volunteer at many events, including the annual reunion where she helped staff the merchandise area the last couple years. She fostered many shelties, and adopted four of her own: Gopher, Jacob (who passed to the Rainbow Bridge in 2006), Maddie and Lindy. Her superb organizational skills and can-do attitude contributed so much to our organization. She not only touched the lives of the many Shelties that came through her door, but she is counted as a dear friend to us all. Jan passed away in September 2010, and will be greatly missed by the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue family.

Jan Ayers
Beloved Mother of Tina Nichols
The Nichols Family adopted Nikki, who is at the Bridge, and Shelby from MNSR. They also fostered Stormy and Mazie. They have been wonderful supporters of our efforts and have provided the best home for the Shelties in their care. Jan Ayers was a life-long lover of Shelties and she loved her “grand-dogs.”

Fritz Rachey
His love and patience for all dogs, especially those seniors with health problems like Kirby and Freckles, are what we remember most about Fritz. He would love to hold them, he said it helped calm them and it truly did. If they were hurt, then he hurt with them. He always made sure they had something to eat before he did, there was never a dog that visited his home that went hungry.


All of the Shelties that came through his home were special to him, even Doc, who had no love for him, but Fritz still did his best to try and win him over. His reaction to each new foster dog was always, "Boy, this one is a keeper!" He and his family adopted several of the seniors that have come through MNSR.

We know that Fritz is sitting at the table handing out goodies to the little angel Shelties.