Friends at the Bridge

The MNSR family extends far beyond the dogs that have come through our program. We see our family as extending to all those who's lives have been made whole through the love of a Sheltie. This memorial page is dedicated to our friends, families, and volunteers who have made a difference in the life of a Sheltie. These are their personal tributes to loved ones who have passed.

If you have lost your special Sheltie and are looking for support, the following website provides thoughtful links to assist in such difficult times:
Sheltie Angels Among Us

Abby was a (14-1/2 years old) Sheltie/Terrier mix. She was born in January, 1991 and was named after a real life loving seeing-eye dog from a television documentary. We got Abby as a puppy when a friend told us it was too quiet in our home. This friend stopped by one morning with her dogs little puppies. Abby was the one that left the little group of siblings to check out us humans. We picked Abby to be our puppy. Abby was skillful at hearing and responding to distant noises, chasing birds and squirrls, snapping at grounded and flying bugs, and leaping to new heights to intercept frisbees. Abby was a loyal companion who had a marvelous blend of a timid Sheltie and an aggressive Terrier.


Later Corky was adopted into our family and she joined us and Abby in September 2003. Corky was the first senior Sheltie placed by MNSR. Corky had such a good personality that Abby warmed up to her quite quickly. Abby and Corky had almost two years together before Corky was left alone.

As of November, 2004 Abby headed toward the end of her life. She had developed a reproductive tract tumor cancer and had slowed down quite a lot. She slept a lot more but was still the loyal companion she had always been.

On Saturday, June 25, 2005 at 2:45pm CDT Abby lost her battle with cancer at the age of 14-1/2 years and went back to the God who initially gave her life as a little puppy. Only our tears can describe how much we miss her.


Andrew came home with us from the breeder in January 1997. We also had his half sister, Carrie, and Daryl. He was always a very sweet natured little guy and got along well with other dogs and loved people. He never seemed the same after Carrie had to be put down, as they were always very close. The last few months he became weaker, lost his appetite,and his vet said it was time. And so he closed his eyes for the last time on Friday, Dec. 11,2009. We will miss him, as will his MNSR-alumni siblings, Fergie and Max. - Marianne and Vern Edgerton



Kala decided to let us be her people in April, 2005, and we were so please and thrilled to have her with us. She was 11 years old and was recovering from a major mass cell surgery, but that did not slow down her spirit or happy attitude. I could always count on Kala to sound that lovely special sheltie greeting when I would come home from work and to see her happy face made me forget the rest of the day. She had the greatest respect for Kirby and his blanket, she seemed to know what that meant to him. She was the greatest foot warmer in winter time. Her life was cut way too short due to canine pancreatic failure. She left us way too soon and went over the Rainbow Bridge September, 2006. Kala, please watch over Kirby for me.



Zumbrota had a very special connection with her person right from the start. She and her Sheltie "sisters", Mazeppa and Kandi, started me down the road of becoming a lifetime Sheltie lover with a passion for wanting to help Shelties in need. Zumbrota was a wonderful foster sister to several MNSR Shelties, welcoming them into our home and understanding their need for love, attention and healing. She valiantly faced several health challenges, and on November 5th, 2007, she was released from her final challenge with renal failure. Zumbrota continues to be deeply loved and deeply missed each day. The spot under the bed will always be yours, my precious best friend.


Zumbrota crossed the Rainbow Bridge November 5th, 2007.