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Meet Lassie!

At 11 years of age, I suddenly found myself in need of a new home. This can be frightening for sensitive senior Shelties who don't understand why they are no longer wanted. I wasn't feeling well either. The nice people at MNSR did a full senior veterinary work-up on me and fortunately I'm healthy but I did have yucky teeth and diseased gum tissue. After my dental, I was much happier and ready to meet the nice lady who now is my forever mom!

Meet Smokey

When Smokey came into rescue, it quickly was evident that his mouth was very painful and your donations made it possible for him to have a much needed dental with 10 extractions, along with routine vet care of neuter (separate surgery from the dental due to length of time he would be under), vaccinations, 4DX & microchip. Thanks to you, Smokey joined a wonderful forever family with a Sheltie brother.

Meet Menolly

What happens to a surrendered Sheltie with a medical condition? Menolly has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency resulting in rapid weight loss, muscle atrophy, and other health issues if not treated. Your donations helped us to provide her with necessary vet care and she is now happily cuddling with her forever mom! On Thursday, November 12th, every dollar you donate will be matched!


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