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For the safety and well-being of the rescue Sheltie, and to determine the best match between Sheltie and family, anyone interested in adopting a Sheltie from MNSR must fill out an application and be approved for adoption. The approval process includes this application, references and a home visit. We greatly appreciate your patience, as we are an all-volunteer organization. For optimal rehabilitation, all of our Shelties are fostered in private homes and we do not operate a shelter. Meetings with available Shelties are arranged once an applicant is approved for adoption.

Adoption fees are set based on a dog's age:

Under 4 years: $350
4 to 8 years: $250
9 years & up: $150

The cost of veterinary care exceeds the adoption fee in most cases. Donations in addition to the adoption fee are always welcome and much appreciated.

Minnesota Sheltie Rescue requires that any dog adopted from us must be returned to us in the event the owner is unable to care for the dog.

All animals placed by MNSR are spayed and neutered prior to placement. Responsible pet owners spay/neuter their pets. Many of the Shelties needing new homes may not be comfortable with, or suitable for, young children. Therefore, we rarely have Shelties available that would be a good match to families with children under 8-10 years old. If that is your case, you are welcome to submit an adoption application and we will keep it on file in the event that a compatible dog comes into our program. We can also provide resources on locating a reputable Sheltie breeder.

We reserve the right to refuse any application as well as the right not to explain our reasons for doing so. We will only consider a distance placement for certain dogs, at our discretion, and such placements generally require unique circumstances. Additional requirements apply. Applicants should apply to Sheltie rescues closest to where they live when possible. Preference is given to families within one day round-trip driving of Minneapolis or Fargo.

To apply to adopt a dog from Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, please complete the online form below in its entirety (omissions/skipped fields may result in delay and/or rejection of your application):

Last Name

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Phone #1 (H)

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Email #1

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Please select your preferred method of contact:

Are you applying to Adoption a Sheltie, Foster a Sheltie, or potentially both?

Would you like more information on fostering a Sheltie?

Do you Own or Rent?

If renting or living in a neighborhood with an association, please provide the name and phone number of your Landlord/Association:

How did you hear about MN Sheltie Rescue?

Have you submitted applications with any other rescue groups? If so, please list the name of the group(s) below:

Please list the name, breed, and age of all current pets in your household. Please note if they have been spayed/neutered.

Please list the name, breed, and age of pets you have owned in the last 10 years and what happened (briefly) to each of them. (If deceased, please explain circumstances and indicate year the animal passed.)

Please list your veterinarian's name and phone number. Providing this information authorizes an MNSR representative to call the clinic and authorizes the clinic to release information to MNSR about your current and past pets. Please also contact your veterinary clinic directly to authorize the release of your pets' information to MNSR.

Are/were your pets current on vaccines?

Are/were your pets spayed/neutered?

Are/were your pets on heartworm preventative?

If your pets veterinary status is not current, please briefly explain:

Please list two personal references (name & phone number) who know of your love of animals.
Personal Reference #1

Personal Reference #2

Do you have a secure wood or chain link fenced yard? Please describe fence type and height.

If you do not have a secure, physical wood or chain link fence, how do you plan to keep your dog safe and exercise your dog?

How many hours per day are you away from home and where will the dog be kept while you are away? (This information is useful in determining an appropriate match between dog and family. We expect that the adopter may be away from home for a reasonable amount of time during the day.)

How will the dog be able to relieve itself when you have an extended (10 hr+) day away from home?

Are you familiar with crate training and are you comfortable with this training method? If not, how will you keep your dog safe while you are away from home and prevent lapses in housetraining?

Where will the dog spend most of its time when you are home?

Please list the ages of children living in the home or visiting frequently.

Please list the first and last names of adults (over 18 years) living in the household.

The Sheltie bios on our website explain the type of home that is appropriate for each Sheltie, and indicates if a fence is required, and whether a Sheltie can be placed in a home with children, dogs, or cats. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of the Shelties in our program, and that our priority is to meet the needs of the Shelties in our care.

Is there a specific Sheltie you hope to meet?

What are you looking for in a Sheltie?

Age Preference

Color Preference

Sex Preference

Physical Qualities

Personality Qualities

Rescue Shelties often have special circumstances (health, temperament, behavior, etc.) Please list any health or behavioral needs you would consider (e.g. special diet, shyness, etc.):

Please list which behaviors or conditions would exclude a Sheltie from your consideration:

Which circumstance(s) might cause you to return your dog to rescue (e.g. housetraining lapses, no time, moving, divorce, allergies, new baby, expensive vet care, running away, destruction, barking, etc.):

We are here to help and support you with any challenges with your rescue Sheltie. MNSR requires that any dog adopted from us must be returned to us if the adopter is no longer able to care for the dog. We will take back any dog adopted from us at any point in the dog's life.

Do you plan to take your dog to training? If so, where? (MNSR can help you find training resources for your Sheltie.)

Which training methods do you plan to use or have you used in the past?

Are you familiar with a Sheltie's herding instinct (chase/nip at heels)?
Are you familiar with a Sheltie's grooming requirements?
Are you familiar with a Sheltie's flight risk?
Are you aware that Shelties are a vocal breed?

The ASPCA estimates the cost for caring for a dog at a minimum of $400-$700 annually. This cost may increase as your Sheltie ages or if health issues arise. Are you able to meet financial commitment of dog ownership?

Have you ever adopted from a shelter, humane society or rescue group? If so, please list:

Please note that a home visit/tour is part of the approval process. If you live outside the Twin Cities metro area, it may take us longer to arrange for your home visit. If approved, you will be required to drive to the foster home to meet MNSR Shelties. Most Shelties are fostered in the Twin Cities or the bio on the website will indicate if the Sheltie's location if being fostered outside of the Twin Cities. Only certain Shelties will be considered for distance adoptions, at our discretion, and only in special circumstances. Applicants should apply to the Sheltie rescues closest to where they live whenever possible. We reserve the right to refuse any application, as well as our right not to explain our reason(s) for doing so.

By clicking the "Yes, I agree" button below and submitting this application electronically, I am attesting that I completed this application, and that the information I have provided on this application is true and complete. I understand that any misstatement, omission, falsification, or misrepresentation in this application may delay the process, and/or may disqualify me from adopting a rescue dog, and/or may result in the termination of an Adoption Agreement if one is signed. I am 18 years of age or older. I have read and fully understand the above statements and conditions of adoption.

Agree to terms and conditions of this application.

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